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When was Macrosoft formed and what's the brief business history till date?
Macrosoft was established in 1998. Over a period of time, the Oracle implementation / support services has formed the core business area of operation. We have been able to rapidly adapt to client needs, seize opportunities and deliver on our promises consistently. This has enabled us to spread our wings across the Oman, Middle East and East African region and into sectors like Government, Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance and Airlines. Now our expertise also extends into Network Infrastructure & Security and IT Service Management solutions/services. Macrosoft's focus has always been towards providing enterprise solutions and plans to continue growing in these offerings.

How many branches does Macrosoft have?
Macrosoft's main office / operations is located in Muscat (Oman) and operates a branch in Dar-e-Salaam (Tanzania). Most of the employees are based out of Muscat however employees maybe required to travel to the branch office for onsite engagements (which are generally brief in duration).

Which companies are using Macrosoft solutions / services?
Referring our customer list in the Home > About Us > Our Clients tab shall satisfy this query. For people new to Oman's business environment it shall suffice to know that this is a prestigious and exhaustive client list that any IT company will aspire to exhibit.

What sort of recruitment process do we follow?
Recruitment is a year-round process in Macrosoft depending on new developments, business prospects, future expansions etc. Mostly our vacancies are only advertised online through our website as and when they arise. We have till date preferred to hire directly with the help of our in-house HR cell (i.e. we do not depend on any outside recruiting agents, consultancies) A generic cycle of recruitment comprises of stages like seeking candidates online, conducting telephonic interviews, requesting references and (if needed) seeking a face to face interview. The selected candidate is then offered a formal acceptance letter.

What does Macrosoft look for in prospective candidates for employment?
Macrosoft seeks individuals who are self motivated, flexible and have the drive to excel. In the long run a candidate is appraised based on the tangible performance in key result areas (KRA's) with equal emphasis on overall attitude, willingness to learn and communication / interpersonal skills. Our entrepreneurial culture demands a strong commitment towards work and loyalty for the organization as a whole.


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